Hi I’m Glyn Dewis…
pronounced G-Lin and DEW-(as in Dew on the grass)-IS

Originally from Burntwood, Staffordshire in the UK, and currently living just outside of Oxford, I’m a Photographer, Educator, Westcott Top Pro and proud to say, a Best Selling Author. I guess I initially became known in the Industry because of my Retouching / Post Production which led me to work with clients such as the BBC, SKY TV and the Fox Network but after my first book, The Photoshop Workbook was published in January 2015 having made it a focus (no pun intended) I’m recognised for my Portrait Photography body of work. Having spent a period of time at Drama School as a child and also entered Public Speaking Competitions I’ve always felt comfortable in front of audiences which I guess is why I love presenting on stages around the world at events such as Photoshop World, Adobe MAX  and The Photography Show.


From day one I always felt compelled to share my Post Production and Photography techniques. Initially, when I first started out, this was to compel me to create content. I started a blog (this site) and each week would set myself a task of writing one post I could write about and explain, so naturally this meant I had to have content. Putting this kind of pressure on myself I believe had a profound effect on my development and is advice I always give to new folks looking to move forward.

As well as working with clients, education and sharing is a big part of what I do be it through this site, my YouTube Channel, Magazine articles. Live Presentations or my Books. (On that note, in the menu at the top of the screen, clicking on the Photography tab will bring up articles where I take you Behind the Scenes showing lighting set ups for certain Photo Shoots. My YouTube Channel, which is an area I put a lot of work in to, is where I have several hundred videos that folks can watch covering a host of Post Production / Retouching and Photography videos.)

I’m a big believer in ‘the more you give, the more you receive’ and this continues to be the case for me. A willingness to share has, without intention, given me back so much but above all continually pushes me to develop to be the very best I can possible be.


Proudest Achievements so far…

  • My first book, The Photoshop Workbook becoming a #1 Best Seller
  • Becoming an Instructor for KelbyOne and being inducted into the Photoshop World Instructor Dream Team
  • Featured in New York Times for a Photographic technique I call The Invisible Black Background
  • Being asked by Scott Kelby (President of KelbyOne) to giving a Closing Ceremony speech at Photoshop World, Washington in front of over 4000 attendees
  • My second book, Photograph Like a Thief being published (so incredibly proud of this book)
  • Presenting at Adobe MAX in Las Vegas for the first time and achieving MAX Master

On a personal level though without hesitation my biggest life achievement is to have married my best friend, Anne and to have a marriage and friendship I’m incredibly proud of. I’m blessed to have a partner that has 100% trust and support with what I do even when ideas and plans may have seemed a little off the wall and encouraged me travel to other parts of the World to learn and develop my knowledge and skill set even when at times it meant a big financial commitment with an unknown return. Yeah that and to be doing something with my life that I truly love to do and feels like I was meant to do!



Where you can find me…

I’ve added a Diary link at the top of the screen so you can check out any notable events I’m presenting at, but in addition you can find me:


“What was originally the N.AP.P (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) is where it all began for me and had it not been for the people I’ve met, friends I’ve made and the overwhelming support and encouragement I’ve received (and still do), things could be very different. To be entrusted to now share the stage with folks I admire both professionally and personally is nothing short of an honor”


I guess that’s enough for now but if you want to know more where I go a little more in depth and am maybe too honest, you can check out this article (LINK) I wrote for Scott Kelby’s blog back in 2012

In the mean time though if you want to get in touch then feel free to drop me line using any of the contact details I’ve listed over on the CONTACT PAGE