Calla Lilly…

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I’m off out later today to do a ‘Pre Wedding Shoot’ in Oxfordshire so I’ll make sure I post some of the images on here once the clients have had their viewing. Meanwhile, I popped out this morning to a local florists to pick up some Calla Lillies that I wanted to photograph as I’ve been commisioned to design a ‘Sympathy’ card.

The lighting set up I used couldn’t have been simpler. I put the flowers in a vase ontop of a small table and positioned this about 6 feet away from a window. I then hung a piece of plain black material about 4 feet behind them so the light didn’t fall directly onto it and then photographed them side on to the window. Having soft diffused side lighting like this, helps to give the flowers a bit of depth as opposed to having light fall straight onto them which can flatten them out and make them look featureless.

Not too sure at this moment which I prefer … the colour or the black & white version???


  1. They’re both beautiful Glyn. I prefer the colour one though – the lilies have a much stronger definition and depth to them (does that make me sound cleverer than I really am?)!

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