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Westcott and Carmarthen Cameras

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Ever since I started using Westcott Photography Equipment, and especially since Westcott released my Vintage Grey Background by Glyn Dewis I’ve been asked many times from folks in the UK where orders can be placed other than from the USA; well….

Westcott Glyn Dewis

This past weekend I was in Wales for the Grand Opening of Carmarthen Cameras’ New Premises; a converted Chapel in the heart of Carmarthen and whilst there was updated that they are now supplier of everything Westcott. So incredibly happy that the relationship with Westcott and Carmarthen Cameras has developed because for me having two great customer focused companies working together means complete and utter confidence in great customer service.

Carmarthen Cameras have a great In-Store operation as well as online ordering presence (their own site and Amazon) and you can check them out at this LINK

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