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VIDEO: ProPhoto RGB or Adobe RGB 1998 and Prepping for Print

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Not sticking to the regular schedule because of commitments, I ran another LIVE Broadcast over on my YouTube Channel this past Monday.

Covered quite an in depth and inherently confusing topic of Colour for the most part and then moved on to how I prepare images i.e. crop and resize them for sending to be printed.

The subject of Colour is undeniably HUGE an d I’m by no means an expert; I leave that to the likes of Dan Margulis, however I do know what works for me and what gives me results that I’m incredibly happy with at present.

Should we use the MUCH bigger colour space in Lightroom of ProPhoto RGB or not? Now I don’t mean to change what you’re currently doing but rather give you a look at what I do ant explain my reasoning behind it.

You can check out the video on my channel by CLICKING HERE

Hope it makes sense and ultimately helps clear up any confusion


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