Episode #10 (Photoshop Video): How to Easily Add a New Sky Behind Trees

Hey Folks,

It’s Wednesday which means a new episode of my FREE Photography, Photoshop and Lightroom Video Podcast Show is Online!

In this Episode (#10) I show you a technique plus a few tips and tricks for adding a new sky into a picture when you have trees with leaves and branches to contend with.

This is something I get asked about quite a bit so when I was emailed a picture by someone who watches this podcast/show asking if I could gives some pointers I thought it would be ideal for an episode.

Hope you like it and hey if you get the urge to share it with others that would be awesome!

Catch you tomorrow,

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  • Andrew Stuart

    Great stuff, just helped me out of a whole.
    One thing though Glyn Halifax isn’t in the North part of the UK, it might be in the North of England, but certainly not in the North of the UK (England & UK are not interchangeable).