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IT’S ALL ABOUT THE EYES: 3 Photoshop Techniques

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Last night I hosted another LIVE Broadcast over on my YouTube Channel with the focus (no pun intended) on eyes.

Since starting out I’ve always tried to learn as many techniques in Photoshop as I can that produce similar results with the reason being that there is never one technique that will work on every picture. Having what I call your Photoshop Tool Box where you have collected a number of techniques that you can call on and also approaching Photoshop with the mindset of ‘I wonder what would happen if I….?’ will most definitely help you in getting the very best results.

The broadcast lasts about 40 minutes long but in the description part you’ll see Time Stamps I’ve added that you can click on and go directly to that particular technique.

CLICK HERE to watch the video



  1. Can’t “Thank You” enough for your time and willingness to educate us……….

    Cheers again.

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