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The POWER of Frequency Separation: Photoshop

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Yesterday evening I hosted another of my YouTube LIVE Broadcasts and this time I went through what is arguably one of the BEST retouching techniques around … Frequency Separation.

When it comes to wanting realistic results that are also much easier to accomplish Frequency Separation is definitely the way to go however maybe even because of it’s name it can appear a little confusing, which is the reason I included it in the Broadcast.

In the video I cover:

  • What Frequency Separation is
  • The Frequency Separation Recipe
  • Retouching with Frequency Separation (removing stray hair, matching / blending skin tones, adding skin texture etc…
  • Using a Frequency Separation Action and more…

So check out the video below to see just how powerful Frequency Separation is, but feel free to jump forward past the countdown timer at the start which is only for when the broadcast is LIVE…

In the video I mention about the 2 Frequency Separation Actions that I’ll be sending out to folks who are part of my email group. If you want these actions and to join my group simply fill in your details below and you’ll get them included with the rest of my Creativity Tool Kit Bundle.


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