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Consistency NOT Perfection

Studying others' work, practice and consistency are the simple BUT vital ingredients for developing your own unique identifiable style!

Develop Concepts and Ideas
Inspiration is all around us. Discover how others' work can influence and inspire to improve your photographic and post production skill set.

"The content in this eBook has and continues to have a HUGE positive impact on my Photography"
Glyn Dewis

Developing your own Style is not Rocket Science
I would constantly try to figure out what I could do that was different. Experience has taught me however that it's not about creating some new, but is about taking what is already out there and doing it over and over until it becomes second nature and always looking to improve!
Quality NOT Quantity!
When planning photo shoots go with the intention of creating one great picture as opposed to as many as possible. This will produce far better results and will also demonstrate to your subject that you respect their time and conseqently they'll be willing to sit for you again.
Inspiration & Imitation Creates Great Images
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The Author

Glyn Dewis is a Photographer, Educator, Adobe MAX Master and Best Selling Author of Photography Like a Thieft and the The Photoshop Workbook.
Based near Oxford in the UK, Glyn has worked with clients such as Sky Television, Fox Network and the BBC and can regularly be seen on stages around the world teaching his Photography and Retouching techniques.
"The content of this eBook comes from my book Photograph Like a Thief and I believe gives you exactly what you need to give your Photography & Retouching a boost! How to develop your own unique and identifiable style in a seemingly crowded space can seem an impossible task. However in just a few short pages I guarantee you'll start to think different!

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