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Didn’t expect it at all but Saturday’s photo shoot with my friend Nathan Black was quite emotional…

I’d not seen Nathan for a long time (maybe 30 years near enough) but during that time in recent years he’s ended up needing and having a kidney transplant. The first attempt donated by his Mom (who was lovely to me when I was a little kid) sadly failed but a donation from a friend has worked wonders. Nathan looked great but it was when I was setting up and asking him all about it, it just hit me. You see when I was a kid Nathan was a couple of years above me at school. I knew his younger brother who was in my year but i totally looked up to Nathan; every kid I knew did…we all wanted to be Nathan. He was the tough kid, the kid that everyone wanted to be friends with. He could do crazy stunts on his bike, lifted weights, had muscle.

Glyn Dewis

But…as the recent years proved…he was still vulnerable like the rest of us. We took a series of pictures but I wanted at least one to show the vulnerability.

Nathan is a Fighter. A ‘Go-Getter’. A ‘Never Giving Up-er’ and I’m so glad he is because that means he’s living up to what I always thought he was…the kid I wanted to be.


  1. What an amazing tribute in words and picture to an obviously close friend.
    Very touching Glyn.

  2. Please bare with me with this fairly long post! Because of the internet and social media we all think we know what a person is like and it’s easy to say that so an so is a great guy or woman but in reality how do we know what someone is like just from the internet and social media. But I think it’s safe to say you are one of the few photographers who deserve the respect they get. Keep on being you and inspiring poeple like me Mr Dewis!

  3. Hi Glyn,
    Again an amazing story and a amazing picture.. It speaks for it self.
    I like your posts a lot, could you do one on skin tones?

    Greeting Marco de Lee

  4. Stunning compliment, well deserved for those worthy of it AND a picture that speaks for itself. Long may he continue

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