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How to Focus Stack Images in Photoshop

How to Focus Stack Images in Photoshop

Focus stacking is a retouching / post production process that takes multipole copies of the same image, each with different areas in focus, and blends them together so that the the image is sharp and in focus throughout.   What does that mean? When we take...

HORSA Glider: Silent Arrival (New Picture)

HORSA Glider: Silent Arrival (New Picture)

00:16hrs on 6th June 1944: Normandy, France The latest addition to my #lockdown Project: HORSA Glider - Silent Arrival This coming week I'll be adding a couple of posts showing some Behind the Scenes of how I made this recent picture. Catch you soon,Glyn

We lost a Great Man … WW2 Veteran Frank Pendergast

We lost a Great Man … WW2 Veteran Frank Pendergast

It still hasn't sunk in that yesterday we lost a truly Great Man; World War 2 Veteran, 7th Battalion Parachute Regiment Frank Pendergast...In the time I've been working on my 39-45 Portraits Project I'd met Frank on quite a few occasions; in Normandy, at Taxi Charity...

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