Plug Ins and Adobe Photoshop CC (2014)

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Hey Folks,

If’ you’re an Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber then I’m sure you’ll be aware that yesterday saw some BIG announcements and releases yesterday with over 1000 updates.

Obviously the ones I, and I’m guessing yourselves if you’re reading this blog, have the most interest in are those that were added / enhanced in the likes of Adobe Photoshop CC … which is now known as Adobe Photoshop CC (2014)

Anyway the purpose of this post isn’t to go through all of the updates as there’s lots of places you can do that already: [Link] and Terry White’s Tech Blog [Link] to name a couple. The purpose of this post however is just to briefly mention about plug ins…

Ok so if you were using plug ins with Photoshop CC before you updated you may find now that you have done so you can no longer see them and in fact if you navigate to where the plug ins are stored within the file structure you’ll not see them there either HOWEVER there is a simple fix without having to re-install them…


  • STEP 1: Navigate to the Photoshop CC folder in APPLICATIONS
  • STEP 2: Double Click to Open the PLUG-INS Folder to reveal all those installed and simply highlight them all and EDIT – COPY (Right Click + Copy)
  • STEP 3: Navigate to the Photoshop CC 2014 folder in APPLICATIONS
  • STEP 4: Double Click to Open the PLUG-INS Folder and then EDIT – PASTE (Right Click + Paste)
  • STEP 5: Close and Re-Open Photoshop CC 2014

•    •    •

So there you go just a quick Public Service Announcement to hopefully address any issues you may have with locating / installing plug ins since the update.


NOTE: I work on a Mac and The Plug Ins I have installed and use regularly at the moment are the Nik Collection by Google and the entire Topaz suite of Plug Ins and going through the process above has worked without any issues; I can’t however speak for other 3rd Party Plug Ins but if you do find that they have no issues they feel free to share which ones in the comments section below.

If however there are any issues you can still use Photoshop 14.2 as CC 2014 is a new install. Having the 2 versions at the moment I think is a good thing as before there have been times when new updates / installs have caused temporary clashes with plug ins; this way we have the best of both worlds.


  1. Thanks Glyn, great helpful advice

    I’m not a big plug-in user but this will make things a little simpler when the CC update becomes live for me. So far creative cloud doesn’t think that there are any updates available to me – must be the slow internet round here 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tip about plugins but how do I update the recent changes to photoshop cc?
    Cheers phil

  3. Thanks for this Glyn as it was what i was worried about and it has worked a treat! 🙂 and thank you for all the help and tutorials you give on your Youtube channel, top bloke!

  4. Worked for me on Windows 7. Many thanks. My problem is I can’t open Lightroom. I have contacted NAPP and Adobe for advice.

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  6. The Adobe FAQs for 2014 specifically say not to copy the plug-in from an older version of CC. It says they must be reinstalled. Have you tested this copy and paste on Windows?

  7. Thank you Glyn…. I was actually just going to give this a look but you beat me to it…

    Just noticed as I copied it over… That there was 1.2 gb being copied…. Sure seems like a lot of space being used. I wonder why Adobe just doesn’t be done with the multiple versions.. I know for me I don’t have a lot of space to have multiple versions on my hard drive…
    Jumping off soap box now… =)

  8. I was afraid your solution was going to be too easy. It never seemed to work properly using this technique with previous PSD versions, but I copied them over, ran through all my filters and plug-ins and BAM, they all worked perfectly! Topaz, Red Giant, Mister Retro. Very exciting stuff!!!

  9. What a huge fail this update is from a customer standpoint. The whole point of subscribing to CC is to make updating the software an easy process. There are reports all over Adobe’s blog and forum about plugins and settings not migrating over. among other issues.
    I don’t understand why there should be two versions of CC now (2014) and also why they chose to name them by the year. That naming convention always fails, as Microsoft found out. Why does there even need to be versions if this is an always-updatable subscription service? This whole CC product line is ridiculous. I have unsubscribed.

  10. As a slight tweak to Glyn’s migration process I had installed my plug-ins in folders outside of the plug-ins folders, created shortcuts to those other folders and put the shortcuts in the plug-ins folder. The plug-ins all worked ok with Photoshop CC.

    I have just copied those shortcuts across to Photoshop cc 2014 plug-ins folder and tried a few out (Topaz, Noise Ninja etc.) and they seem to be working fine.

    Saves on hard drive bloat.

  11. Thanks for tip. It worked for others but not for NIK Collection. Any suggestion 🙂


  12. error message

    Faulting module path: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2014\Plug-ins\Google\Selective Tool\SelectivePalette.8li

  13. From the Adobe site, it says
    “DO NOT:
    Do not manually drag plug-ins from a previous version of Photoshop’s plug-ins folder to a newer version of Photoshop’s ‘Plug-Ins’ folder

    If you encounter unexplained problems or crashes in Photoshop, use the following documents to determine if plug-ins are the problem:”

    So, not sure what to do here?

    1. Author

      It’s your choice John but for me and lots of others it’s worked flawlessly.
      Adobe are right to advise against it as they would not want to advise something that may not work and may cause conflicts however the great thing is that CC 2014 is as new install so folks still have CC meaning any issues you can uninstall 2014 and just re install. Having both on your system for now I think is a really smart move.

      Hope that helps

  14. Thanks Glyn,I have a bunch of Topaz filters and hope this has saved me a bunch of work. It was after doing this I found and read the warning from which advises a re-install of plugins.

    Didn’t fancy all that work so did a check to see if any problems. I opened an image which has 4 plugin filters applied. Turned filters off and on in various combinations as a test. Appears to be working well, no issues so fingers crossed.

  15. This method doesn’t work with Onone plugins. You need to reinstall those. If the copy paste method doesn’t work on your other plugins try right clicking on the plugin an select “create shortcut” and copy the shortcut and paste that into CC (2014)

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  17. I have Photoshop CS5, CC and CC(2014)installed on my win 8 computer.
    I had to reinstall all my Topaz filters to get them to show in PS-CC. Then I performed Glyn’s method above to get them to show in PS-CC(2014.
    All work great with Topaz and I have not noticed any problems. I will wait until I am sure all is OK before uninstalling the older versions of PS.

  18. Tried this on my laptop first. Can’t call it a success. Although Photoshop CC 2014 shows the plugins in the menu, they’re all disabled with the exception of on item in the Nik Collection. Can’t use them at all.

  19. Hi Glyn,
    copied NIK and Topaz filters from CC to CC2014 on win7 and it worked flawlessly.

    Thanks 😉

  20. Ahhhh great Glyn, you made my day, sooooo easy and so WHY Didn´t I come up with this myself, I have been using PS since PS4 (not cs4) 🙂

    Thanks mate


  21. For OnOne plugins there is one more step that has to be done. After you copy the plugins to your plugins folder go to the main application folder for Photoshop CC and copy the three files that begin “ON” and copy those to the main application folder of Photoshop CC (2014)and you will have your OnOne plugins back without a reinstall.

  22. …Michael, I use PS CC and just did the upgrade, I have version 7.5 of OnOne installed but I do not see the additional files you are referring too. I wonder it that only applies to the latest version of OnOne. I will know in a few minutes when I copy the plugins over to PS CC2014.

  23. Can’t seem to get this to work for Filter Forge 4. But then again, installing it in the usual way doesn’t seem to work either. Hmm. (Mac OSX)

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  25. Hi Glyn, is there anyway to get panels made in Adobe Configurator 4 to show up, the copy and paste method doesn’t seem to work for these panels.

  26. Great tip, thank you! It worked for all the plug-ins: the Topaz collection, Nik collection, onOne collection and Alien software.

    1. Author

      egon…ONLY if you intend to keep both CC and CC 2014; not if you’re going to remove CC as most will 😉

  27. Glyn – I don’t know why Adobe doesn’t just import plug-ins like they did in prior versions, but CC 2014 had to be different. Thank you very much for taking the time to write a very informative article that helped me import all of my Google NIK plug-ins!

  28. Thank you! Yet again valuable time taken from my working day by Adobe…maybe I should start billing them my time? :\

  29. THANK YOU! Just installed PS CC 2014 and discovered, to my horror, my plug-ins were gone. This was a great, simple and FAST solution!

  30. Gly…Thank you for the VERY easy instructions on move plugins without reinstalling them. That was scary easy! I follow you on FB also, fun stuff!

  31. Good blog. Great suggestion.

    Wish I had seen this before following the advise of several “gurus” to delete CC as it was no longer of any value. Adobe is a puzzle .. why issue a NEW complete app to existing CC users?

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