Learn how to create an Athlete Composite Image by combining images together, create Bespoke Backgrounds PLUS Special Effects using the Power of Lightroom / Camera RAW and Photoshop!

Join me and follow along as I take you through every stage from the RAW out of camera file through to the final print ready image in this easy to follow, step by step retouching class that will leave you fully equipped with the skills necessary to go and quickly create powerful 3/4 length composite images that are also completely editable at a later date. Learn the skills to create Bespoke Backgrounds, Lighting Effects, accurate cut outs / selections, Tricks of the Trade, Dodging and Burning and much more. Compositing is quickly becoming a necessary skill / art and in this second in a series of Compositing related tutorials I show you how understanding tools within Photoshop can give you the freedom to create unique images

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VIDEO 1: Introduction & Brief explanation of lighting

VIDEO 2: Creating the Running Track – Part 1

VIDEO 3: Creating the Running Track – Part 2 (Using Vanishing Point)

VIDEO 4: Creating the Running Track – Part 3 (Removing the Buildings etc)

VIDEO 5: Creating the Running Track – Part 4 (Changing the Perspective / Camera Angle)

VIDEO 6: Creating the Running Track – Part 5 (Adding Sky, Lighting Effects and Birds)

VIDEO 7: Enhancing Details and Eyes in Camera RAW

VIDEO 8: Removing Blemishes, Dust and Hot Spots PLUS Image Settings and Smart Objects

VIDEO 9: Non Destructive Body Reshaping

VIDEO 10: Dodging and Burning – Part 1

VIDEO 11: Dodging and Burning – Part 2

VIDEO 12: Removing Shadows using Frequency Separation PLUS Working on Hair

VIDEO 13: Making the Selection / Cut Out PLUS the Overlay Trick

VIDEO 14: Adding the Athlete into the Scene PLUS Techniques for enhancing the hair cut out

VIDEO 15: Selection / Cut Out Technique for Quickly Removing Outlines

VIDEO 16: Matching Colour between Foreground and Background PLUS Black & White Conversion to Desaturate

VIDEO 17: Finishing Touches