Create an animal themed composite using a photograph of a Lioness in captivity and setting her free by recreating and placing her into an authentic African landscape.

Learn how to use tools within Photoshop to make easy selections and cut outs of potentially tricky objects, using brushes to blend objects into a scene, adding in a new sky, creating shadows and lighting effects, enhancing detail, fake depth of field plus Black & White conversion.

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VIDEO 1: Introduction & Explanation of Tutorial Contents

VIDEO 2: RAW Conversion

VIDEO 3: Selecting and Cutting Out the Lioness

VIDEO 4: Replacing the Sky

VIDEO 5: Adding the Lioness into the Scene

VIDEO 6: Creating a Grass Brush to Blend the Lioness

VIDEO 7: Tidying up the Selection

VIDEO 8: Cutting out a Tree using Color Range and a Blend Mode

VIDEO 9: Matching contrast and colour for distant objects

VIDEO 10: Adding the BIG tree

VIDEO 11: Faking the Depth of Field

VIDEO 12: Adding realistic shadows – Part 1

VIDEO 13: Adding realistic shadows – Part 2 PLUS Black & White conversion

VIDEO 14: The Finishing Touches

VIDEO 15, 16 & 17: Bonus Content