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Learn how to retouch using the Power of Lightroom / Camera RAW and Photoshop to create portraits packed full of character!

Join me and follow along as I take you through every stage from the RAW out of camera file through to the final print ready image in this easy to follow, step by step retouching class that will leave you fully equipped with the skills necessary to go and create portraits that are not only packed full of character AND in demand but also completely editable at a later date.

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VIDEO 1: Introduction

VIDEO 2: Behind the Scenes
A brief look at how the portrait was photographed plus information on kit, settings etc…

VIDEO 3: Preparing the Picture
Working in Lightroom / Camera RAW to improve lighting, colour and removing spots/blemishes

VIDEO 4: Dentistry
Using tools within Lightroom / Camera to improve the look of the models teeth

VIDEO 5: The Eyes
Using the Adjustment Brush to brighten the whites of the eyes PLUS adding colour and sharpness

VIDEO 6: Tidying Up
A Super Fast Technique to whiten the teeth PLUS using the Clone Stamp Tool to tidy up the clothing

VIDEO 7: Dodging and Burning Part 1
Effectively removing hot spots and how to add character and dimension by dodging and burning

VIDEO 8: Dodging and Burning Part 2
The Magic of dodging and burning on a 50% Grey Layer

VIDEO 9: Adding Details
How to use 3rd Party Plug Ins like Topaz Details ‘Non Destructively’ for TOTAL Control

VIDEO 10: Making the Selection / Cut Out
How to quickly and easily create a cut out using Quick Selection, Quick Mask and Refine Mask

VIDEO 11: Adding the Colour Background
Quickly adding in a colour PLUS how to select all those extra fine hairs

VIDEO 12: Adding the Spotlight
How to easily add a spotlight that can be changed at any time PLUS matching the colour between background and subject

VIDEO 13: The Cigar
How to use Layer Styles to make it appear as though the cigar is alight.

VIDEO 14: Finishing Touches
Adding the Cartoon / Painterly Look

VIDEO 15: Review
Looking back over all the layers and showing how ‘everything’ is editable and non destructive