PROGRESS: Recreating UP from Real-Life

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Hi Folks

This past weekend I started working on the images from last weeks ‘UP’ themed photo shoot so I thought I’d share the progress with you.

All in all there’s going to be 2 final images produced from this shoot; one of the well known picture with Carl the elderly gent and main character holding onto the garden hose as the house lifts up because of the balloons, and then one of Carl, full length with a scene behind.

The full length picture is the one I’ve been working on so far and below you can see the studio shot of Dave and then next it the Work in Progress…


I’ll keep you posted with ongoing progress as well as post about the lighting set up and how we photographed Dave for both images in the studio, so you can see each of the steps until the final images so be sure to check back or indeed keep in touch over on Instagram

Have a great start to the week and I’ll catch you back here next time,


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