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Just thought I’d write a short post to share some of the results from classes I presented out at the recent Photoshop World Conference and Expo in Orlando, Florida.

I’ll go through some of the content in more detail in a future post later this week but for now…

Pre Conference Class – Photograph Like a Thief

HUGE thanks to my friend Kathy Porupski for organising our models for the 4 hour workshop, Vikings, Brent and Michele. Also a massive thanks to friends J.R.Maddox and Rob Sylvan for helping out on the day; could not have done it without you.

Lighting for this picture of Brent consisted of:

  • Elinchrom ELC Pro HD 500 Flash Head
  • Westcott Rapid Box XXL Octa
  • Grey seamless paper behind with texture added in post


Lighting for this picture of Michelle consisted of:

  • Westcott Rapid Box XL Octa
  • Impact Lighting Flash Head (sorry…don’t know actual model but it worked flawlessly)


The picture of Brent below was inspired by the DVD / advertising for a documentary about MMA Fighter Connor McGregor that I watched on the flight over:

  • Elinchrom ELC Pro HD 500 Flash Head
  • Westcott Rapid Box Beauty Dish


Portrait Lighting is EASY: Trust Me!

This was a one hour class that I presented on stage taking people through the simple steps to Classic Rembrandt Lighting. Throughout the class I asked several attendees to join me on stage to set up the lighting using the simple steps I went through beforehand and each one completely nailed it each time!

This picture here is one of Christine and the lighting for this was:

  • Elinchrom ELC Pro HD 500 Flash Head
  • Westcott Rapid Box XL Octa
  • Westcott X-Drop – Grey (Background)

Photoshop World

This final picture is of Janet from the same session but this time also taking folks through my Invisible Black Background Technique:

Same Lighting as above with Christine except this time the background was the audience.

Photoshop World

Here’s a couple of videos over on my YouTube Channel that explain the lighting techniques for the pictures above:

Portrait Lighting is EASY

Invisible Black Background


  1. Love how well you’ve recreated the Rembrandt mood with just one light source. Just goes to show we needn’t over-think or over-complicate these things.

  2. Love how you’ve managed to recreate the Rembrandt mood with one flash. Just goes to show we needn’t over-think nor over-complicate such things.

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