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I remember when I was young, my Mom telling me that as you get older, time goes quicker. This I could never understand, cos surely time goes the same speed no matter how old you are. Well, as I’m getting older, I tend to agree with her. These last few days have just flown by but I’ve made sure that I managed to squeeze in some photography.

The photos I’ve attached with this blog entry are of two guys, namely Jerry Fisher and Paul Zieba, who work at Heathrow Airport in the armed section. I took these photos, not just to focus on the composition etc which is obviously really important, but to work on a Photoshop technique I’ve been looking into for some time now. The technique has been made famous by an American Photographer by the name of Dave Hill and the kind of look he creates involves using the high pass filter, gaussian blur and a few other little tweeks.

I’ll post some more images of other work I’ve done over the last few days, so check back soon.
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