The Photography Show 2018

Why I’ll NEVER forget The Photography Show 2018

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Those of you that have followed this blog for a while, have linked up with me on social media or have maybe listened to Episode 7 of our HE SHOOTS, HE DRAWS Podcast will likely know the story behind why my Brother Liam and me hadn’t seen each other for nearly 16 years.

During that time Liam had obviously never seen me presenting as I’ve only been involved in the industry for about 10 years at this point but at The Photography Show 2018 that all changed! Liam said he’d love to come along to see me on stage and just the thought of that was so exciting for me knowing he’d be there but this was made extra special when I asked him to model for me and he said yes! Liam and me on stage together..ah man it just doesn’t get better than that!

The night before the show I’d arranged a meal out where Liam, my Best Mate Dave Clayton and me could catch up. This was the first time Dave and Liam had ever met; I’d be wanting them to meet for what seems like an eternity…I knew they’d get on and boy was I right!

The next morning it was show time so I picked Liam up and we headed to the Birmingham, NEC where we again caught up with Dave who was managing the LIVE Stage…

Glyn Dewis

My presentation on the LIVE Stage was to go through how I’m lighting my 1940’s Project but also covering what I use for my backgrounds, how I source props and authentic clothing etc. As Liam was modelling I hired a 1940’s RAF Squadron Leader uniform from Costume Hire Direct and it fitted Liam perfectly!

It was so incredibly humbling to see the size of the audience that had gathered for my presentation and so I just want to say that if you were one in the crowd … THANK YOU!

The Photography Show

Liam had never seen anything like this and understandably was a little nervous but he totally and utterly nailed it! It was such a family affair … Dave introduced me on stage and then I introduced Liam and when the crowd knew the importance to us of what was happening, Liam got a wonderful round of applause. I can’t even begin to tell you how proud I felt sharing the stage with Liam and Dave.

Thanks so much to my friend Piotr Trumpiel for the photographs…

The Photography Show

The Photography Show 2018

There’s so much more I could write about the show itself; it was such a fantastic event with so much going on, meeting up with old friends, making new ones, hanging out with friends Scott Cowlin and Ted Waitt from Rocky Nook (Publishers), Liam meeting some of my other closest friends and so it goes on.

For me this was a moment in history I’ll never forget; something a few years ago I would never have imagined happening but now it has I can’t help smiling.

You know, you can keep your fancy cars, your designer clothes and all that artificial stuff … for me there’s nothing more important than memories and this is way up there; a few days spent with my Brother and Best Mate. Brilliant!



  1. Perfect!! I am so happy for you. Just reading this, and having the absolute pleasure of knowing you, so that I a have a feeling how important that was, makes my eyes misty!
    Cheers Alex

  2. Glyn, couldn’t make the show this year, just back from the States, otherwise I would absolutely have been in that audience and would have appreciated the story about you and your brother.
    Keep up the good work. Family and friends, it’s what makes the world go round. Steve S

  3. Disappointed I never got the chance to chat with you at the show Glyn, but it’s such a mad couple of days, you’d need three clones to get around everything and everyone 😉


    1. Author

      Yeah only caught a brief glimpse of you mate but agreed…it was a full on few days that’s for sure.
      Hopefully see you in the not too distant future
      Take care out there

  4. It was a very good presentation with a poignant story behind it. Thanks for sharing. It was a privilege to meet you and both your brothers ;).

  5. Hi Glyn, unfortunately I could not participate in this show. I notice about it too late. I am very sorry for the response you received after the publication of your and your brother’s story. I listened the last podcast. I hope you are okay. I really regret that I could not be in Birmingham and meet you. Bart

    1. Author

      Hey Bart

      Yeah I’m totally fine about the comments…just amazed that some folks pointed it out at such a time but hey…to be expected I guess.


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