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My World War 2 Project and the Royal Mint

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If you follow me on Social Media you may well have seen that just over a week ago I shared about having been contacted by the Royal Mint

At the moment I’m not able to fully disclose all the details other than to say that a Useage License Fee has been completed. All details are to be kept confidential at the moment as the actual purpose will be revealed in June; so just a few weeks away now, however…

Just to let you know…

I felt the right thing to do was to donate 100% of the money paid for licensing to The Veterans Charity, so this I did yesterday evening…

Glyn Dewis Royal Mint

I’ll keep you updated when I’m able as to exactly what the Royal Mint will be producing (under NDA – No Disclosure Agreement at the moment) but for now I just think it’s brilliant how the project is impacting in ways I never imagined as it is here, by indirectly helping Veterans in immediate need thanks to the incredible work that The Veterans Charity do every single day.



    1. Author

      Thank you mate. I’m so happy how this project is starting to help others…something I never saw coming if I’m honest.

  1. What a great story, just love watching this grow and grow. Inspiration to me and many others. Well done Glyn.

    1. Author

      Thanks Glynis; I’m so loving doing this and that it is now benefiting others in ways I never saw coming feels great.

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