Toby and Kirsty

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Here are a couple of photos that I took yesterday morning of a friend of mine Kirsty and her horse Toby. The black & white photo is a single exposure whereas the colour version is actually a High Dynamic Range (HDR) image that I’ve processed twice. I wasn’t sure how this would work out because HDR images require no less than 3 photos of differing exposures, and trying to explain to a horse to stand perfectly still for a second or two is challenging. Still, the carrots Kirsty gave Toby, bribed him a treat.


  1. I really love this and feel you have captured that bond Kirsty has with Toby..she feeds him carrots he stands still!!! no seriously I do love this one..

  2. Glyn, thank you so much for coming out yesterday, the photographs are excellent, although the black and white is my favourite.
    Toby also really enjoyed himself, although this morning he was mugging me for carrots and prancing around like a prima dona. Apprently he’s now looking for his own modelling contract !

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