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This morning I was out on a Pre Wedding Shoot at one of my favourite locations, Windsor, with Sarah Paton and Leon Wheatley who get married on the 12th April this year. The hour or so we spent taking photos flew by, but we certainly had a great time and have ended up with some crackers!!! so I’ll be sure to post a couple of the pictures here over the next day or so.

Having been inspired this week by a hero of mine, Scott Kelby, I’ve been trying my hand at food photography. Luckily my wife Anne is very much into cookery so I’ve not been short of material to photograph. There’s certainly an art to photographing food correctly so that it looks appealing – taking into consideration lighting, camera angle and composition but it’s great fun and something I’d like to do alot more of. I’ve attached a few photos that I’ve taken this last few days and a mock leaflet that I put together in Photoshop.



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