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Who needs a Studio?

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Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that there’s absolutely no need for a studio because I’d be totally wrong to say that. At the moment I’ve decided not to have my own studio space but when we move to Devon later this year I will. It’s great to have your own creative space where you can dive into when you want to try out a new idea or technique and also great for taking your time to build sets.

What I mean by the title of this post follows on from one I posted on 1st March 2018 [LINK] which was called You can make excuses or you can make Pictures, and I thought I’d just share a picture and the Behind the Scenes to, I guess, show that not having your own studio or not being able to afford to hire a studio is no excuse…

Glyn Dewis

So the portrait above of my life long friend Nathan Black was taken in the Club House / Bar of a local Cricket Club with a minimal set up using one light and a background, so my working footprint was small.

If you’ve followed this blog for a while you’ll know that my favourite lighting set up is a one light set up using the Elinchrom 135cm Rotalux Octa Softbox however I have started using the 100cm Deep Octa that you can see in the Behind the Scenes picture below. I’m going to cover why I’m loving this light and will do a side by side comparison between it and the 135cm Octa, but in this circumstance the Deep Octa was perfect because it meant I could raise it high enough; the 135cm because of the extra size would have been much lower so I wouldn’t have managed to get the lighting pattern I wanted…does that make sense?

Glyn Dewis

As for the background this is a Bespoke Canvas made for me my Gravity Backdrops and you’ll see that the way I support this, rather than two stands and a cross beam is to just slide it along a boom; less to carry around and means again, I’m keeping my working footprint small. You can check out all my kit in my Kit List Page HERE

So this is only a short post to follow on from the earlier one because we happened to get some Behind the Scenes footage showing the location.

Hope it’s useful


  1. Really interesting to see the behind the scene pic and look forward to reading the comparison between the two soft boxes.

  2. Thanks Glyn great to see the behind the scenes pic and look forward to reading the soft box comparison

  3. looking forward to seeing the difference in the two modifiers.i can see how you can get the deep octa higher,smaller diameter,but would the 135cn octa,not still be softer,or use a smaller chair to get the lighting pattern?thanks for the e-mail earlier,going thru the “ROSA” tutorial for my second time,and loving it.thanks again glyn,great work mate.

    1. Author

      Hi Derek
      The 135cm does give a different light to the Deep Octa but as for the softness, to be honest if they were both in very close you wouldn’t notice the difference. I’ll post the video asap


  4. Very nice! Looking forward to the reasoning behind the smaller, deeper modifier as well.

    Is the Gravity backdrop plain enough and a medium grey so that textures can still easily be added to it, or would you say a plain seamless would be better if adding a textured background in post was the goal?

    1. Author

      Hi William
      The Gravity Backdrop I have has a texture on it but very subtle so I tend to add texture to that to create different looks. I do still use the grey though because it’s so versatile.


  5. Great Job Glyn loving the Rosa pack the best down load tutorial online
    Thank you for all your help and youtube videos Chris

  6. Hi Glyn, just a quick question – Just wondering if you’ll do a blog post as to why you decided to move to the Gravity backdrop, in preference for shooting on grey and inserting your own texture (which can change from image to image) in post?

  7. Is there a huge difference between the deep octa 100 and 70? Trying to decide between the two.

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