LIVE Broadcast: Skin Smoothing, Adding New Floors and more…

Glyn Dewis YouTube LIVE Broadcast

Hi Folks

Incase you missed my YouTube LIVE Broadcast on Tuesday evening here it is…

In it I take you through my favourite Skin Smoothing Technique, How I add New Floors into my Pictures, a SUPERB Time Saving Tip for your Workflow and also how I add the Painterly Look I’m often asked about.

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Catch you later

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  • Mark DeMarte

    Glyn, this broadcast was excellent. Liked it so much, I subscribed. I liked and took notes on all the segments. Got particularly caught up with the discussion on creating the painterly effect. Was wondering if you could do a segment in your next newsletter that details all of what you did for each layer of that image starting with removing the umbrella with content-aware and going through using Topaz Clarity and what you did for color grading. Thanks in advance.